If you find that your pain is accompanied by recurrent illness, disturbed sleep patterns, or increased stress levels, we now offer Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) to address and relieve these symptoms.

EPRT is a breakthrough in medical technology, providing ultralow microcurrent to increase cell regeneration and promote healing.


The ‘EPRT’ Process

We offer EPRT therapy in our clinic using the Bodihealth unit. The BodiHealth unit utilises EPRT, a patented process that delivers ultra-low currents compatible with the natural energy of the human body. It is through the process of EPRT that the cells are empowered and the body heals itself. Excessive exercise, stress, poor diet, injury, pain and living an unhealthy lifestyle all interfere with cellular balance. If you are feeling run down, react to stress too easily, get recurrent colds or flu, or do not recover from exercise or injury easily, then it is likely that your body could be healthier at a cellular level.


How the Bodi Health Unit Works

A small wrap is applied to each of your ankles or your feet, and a very low current flows through the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues of your body. You may experience a slight tingling in your ankles but for most people a deep sense of relaxation is experienced. The unit operates in 3 different cycles, each of 23 minutes in duration. The total treatment lasts approximately 70 minutes, so we suggest you allow yourself 1.5 hours for this session.


To find out more about this technology, please visit www.bodihealth.com

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