Pre-employment Assessments

EastWest has been working alongside industry employers for over 10 years .
Our aim is to achieve the following outcomes for our industry partners.

  • Create a pro-active platform to minimize injury.
  • Educate staff on the science of maintaining optimal health at work
  • Improve morale
  • Reduce insurance premiums and staff sick days

Pre Employment Screenings
Our physiotherapists can examine your potential employees to see if they are physically capable of the required duties. We can quantify and record an objective baseline of your employee’s musculoskeletal health.

Pre-employment assessments can clarify pre-existing injuries or disabilities which could limit the employee’s efficiency in the workplace and ensure the prospective employees are physically suited to the job.

The assessment is a simple procedure that consists of a series of objective functional tests for mobility, strength, flexibility and fitness. Other areas that are assessed are postural alignment, balance ability to perform the duties required for the job. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Benefits to the Employer:

  • Ensures functional competence for work tasks resulting in less injuries;
  • Provides record of pre-employment functionality
  • Assists in maintaining an employer’s premiums associated with workplace injuries and lost time.
  • Identifies risk factors of an individual prior to employment;

The results of the assessment are compared to the job demands to assist with decisions regarding job placement, task redesign and other risk management strategies. The report is faxed or emailed to your office on the day of the assessment.

Onsite Physiotherapy and Massage Services
We can provide ongoing monitoring of musculoskeletal health and provide education and hands on therapy to keep workers at their best.

Daily Exercise Program tailored to your needs
Performing corrective exercises in the workplace is the cheapest and most effective form of prevention of musculoskeletal degeneration and overload. These workouts can be custom filmed or documented.

You can preview the stretching routine clip that the staff at Rode Microphone complete twice daily here.

rode_microphonesWe have been using Eastwest Physiotherapy for our pre-employment physical assessments for a number of years now, and as a result our workers compensation costs have literally dropped by hundreds of thousands of dollars through minimising claims.

Along with this EastWest implemented a company wide orthotics adoption program, and devised a series of videos for stretching techniques that are preformed twice per day by all staff. The team at Rode is fitter, safer and happier.

Thank you EastWest.

Peter Freeman,
Managing Director
Rode Microphones


Commodore Plumbing used the services of Eastwest Physiotherapy for onsite physiotherapy sessions for our employees. These sessions were highly beneficial to our staff as any musculoskeletal issues were treated and our staff were also educated on correct posture and manual handling techniques.
We found these sessions increased our staff moral and helped their physical wellbeing. I can highly recommend this service.

Ian Winter,
Previous Director
Commodore Plumbing