Hands-on Physiotherapy

Holistic physiotherapy means considering all the elements that make us function at our optimum. Pain is the usual sign that things are not in harmony, although other signs may include muscle weakness, spasm, pins and needles and swelling.  When you are assessed at EastWest Physiotherapy we take our time to evaluate how your whole system is performing.

EastWest Physiotherapy has evolved over the last 23 years as a holistic physiotherapy clinic, and we will continue to do so. Originally EastWest Physiotherapy represented the fusion of western biomechanical evidence based approach with the 2000 year old philosophy of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This combination has worked well. However, scientific advancements in research into the nervous system and the myofascial web has put the old Chinese observations into a modern context, enabling our practitioners to explain complex pain presentations in terms of structural relationships of the Neuro myofascial web.

Let’s compare the Chinese meridians with Tom Myers Anatomy Trains maps (see image right/below). The old trail map according to Chinese Medicine versus the modern trail guide as described by Tom Myers. It is much easier to describe headaches caused by hip or rib tightness now thanks to the new myofascial meridians.

At EastWest Physiotherapy we provide 100% one on one care.  Our average treatment time is 45 minutes as we believe lasting changes take time.  We engage the neuro myofascial web of the body and use some traditional techniques from Chinese medicine and modern bodywork techniques from osteopathy, massage, myotherapy and physiotherapy.

If you are not functioning at your best contact us about our holistic physiotherapy services,  email us at [email protected] or call 02 9817 1781.

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