Pre & Post Surgical Care

Pre-operative care is vital for optimising the success of an operation. There are many risks with any surgical procedure and some patients may not be suitable candidates if their cardiovascular health is inadequate or have too high a BMI. For orthopaedic procedures the strength of the surrounding muscles have a direct impact on how quickly a patient with recover. This is one of the main reasons we encourage all patients to start a prehab program as soon as possible.

Once you have recovered from you surgery and are discharged, the rehabilitation process begins immediately. You will likely receive a home exercise program from the hospital physiotherapist for the first few days. From here it is important that you continue to progress you exercise program. Failure to comply with the prescribed exercises will lead to a slower recovery time and possibly poor prognosis with some cases needing to return to the surgeon for further invasive procedures.

Here at Eastwest we perform a comprehensive analysis determining any area that needs strengthening prior to your operation. We will create an individualised exercise program for you.  We will provide you with education on your condition, the procedure and advice on what to expect afterward to assist in your recovery.

Following the operation our primary aim will be to reduce pain and restore full range of motion. We will achieve this through various forms of manual therapy and stretching exercises. It is important to follow advice so as to ensure no damage is done to the operation site. Following this we will guide you through further strengthen exercises to return to baseline and eventually progress to improve your conditioning to beyond that which you already had.

Free Physio Advice

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