Shockwave Therapy

Treat Pain Deeper & Faster.

Shockwave therapy is the use of sound waves to transfer energy into dysfunctional tissues, to reduce pain, stimulate healing and restore strength. The tissues being treated include tendon, fascia, ligament, and muscle. At Eastwest physio we use a Shockwave device, which produces acoustic shockwaves to a depth of 5-6cm. This energy input into the tissues reignites the body’s natural healing process. Chronic pain is often the result of a stalling of the natural healing process.

Rapid Return to Fun & Function

At Eastwest physio we are delighted to use shockwave therapy within our process of healing. We follow the Release Restore Retrain model of physiotherapy (For a copy of our eBook on the phases of recovery please click here).

Shockwave is involved in the restore phase. This phase aims to restore mobility and function into damaged and degenerative tissues (muscle tendon and fascia). Usually after 1-3 sessions a huge improvement in pain, power and mobility is achieved. At Eastwest we may use shockwave as a standalone treatment (Quick 15-minute session) or as part of a more complex treatment session.

Gav using shockwave therapy
2d image shockwave therapy