Common Treatment for a Contusion and Corked Muscle

Read time: 2 mins

A contusion and a corked muscle is due to a direct blow to a muscle.  It causes a small tear in the muscle which then bleeds within the compartment or sheath.  You may or may not see the bruise or swelling but commonly pain and stiffness results.  Our recommended common treatment for a contusion and corked muscle is as follows:


REST: Stop any activity that provokes pain

ICE: Up to 10-15 minutes every hour.  Professional athletes commonly set alarm clocks and continue icing the corked muscle during the night

COMPRESSION: Tubigrip, bandages, compression garments all help control excessive swelling.  Ensure the compression does not restrict blood flow distal to the injury site

ELEVATION: Try to keep the injury elevated if possible

Some additional ideas include the use of cold laser, acupuncture and the application of Rocktape.  All available at Eastwest Physiotherapy  Definately no massage or heat in the first 2-5 days, depending on severity.  Not controlling the bleeding will result in slower recovery times and possibly complications such as calcification at the injury site.

DAY 3 TO 5

As the swelling firms up and becomes thick and tight, treatment strategies change.  Heat in the form of liniments or hot packs are used to loosen the tissue and light cardio and stretching is encouraged.

Professional soft tissue release is recommended at this stage to restore full function.  Laser and acupuncture is also very useful.


Phase 1: Take it easy: Regular ice / compression: Rest

Phase 2: Gentle movement / therapies to release adhesion and bruising: Think Rocktape, laser and acupuncture: Restore full power and range of motion

Short physiotherapy sessions, taping and laser are available at Eastwest Physiotherapy for contusions and corked muscles.  Book a short appointment online or call our clinic on 02 9817 1781. We also have an after hours injury advice line that you can contact us on 0438 283 775.